Anti Wrinkle Product Reviews

What causes wrinkles?

If you are looking for a solution to combat wrinkles you are not alone. As we get older our skin ages and starts to show it. There are many different factors that cause us to get wrinkles. Aging is probably the number one reason our skin eventually starts to wrinkle. Here is a brief explanation of what happens: As we get older our skin cells don't divide as quickly as it did when we were younger and the inner skin starts to thin. Our skin then starts to lose it's elasticity when pressed and it no longer springs back to it's initial form. Instead our skin begins to sag. The ability of our skin to repair itself diminishes as we age and it becomes much harder to stop the skin from sagging. We eventually have many visible facial wrinkles such as frown lines, crow's feet, sagging loose skin, and other unappealing aging signs.

Besides aging, there are many other factors that contribute to us getting facial wrinkles such as too much exposure to the sun. Also there are many environmental factors that play a part in the deterioration of our skin. Smoking is believed to be big cause of wrinkles. Smoking is very toxic and those toxins smokers put in there body are devastating to the skin. People who don't smoke but are around smokers a great deal also have a higher chance of pre mature skin damage. Second hand smoke can almost be as bad to non smokers skin as it is for the smoker. Pollutants are another strong environmental factor that can negatively effect our skin.

As you can see, there are many reasons why our skin eventually loses it's youthfulness. But most of us want to slow down the aging process. So what are our options?

What about Botox or Facelifts?

Many people are looking for solutions such as Botox injections, but how safe are these injections? Many studies are trying to prove that there are a lot of potential health risks with anti wrinkle injections. These procedures are still relatively new and it may take years before we discover all the potential risks we are taking. These injections are toxic and it has become clear over the years that toxins are not good for our body. Time will tell us what kind of side effects we are risking with these procedures. And not only could we be jeopardizing our health, but these procedures are expensive. You are recommended to have them done every 2-6 months. So the results are very temporary.

And I don't know where to begin on facelifts? I don't understand how somebody can trust any doctor to cut open their face. These procedures can cost tens of thousands of dollars and you have no idea what the end results are going to be. Recovery time is usually several months. Basically in a facelift the surgeon is cutting away part of your facial skin. After surgery your face is left bruised and swollen for anywhere from weeks to several months. May times the surgery goes very wrong and your face looks worse than before. But even the best facelifts always look fake to me. I don't know about you, but I don't want it to look obvious that I had a facelift. To be honest I would rather have wrinkles than show the world that I was vain enough (and dumb enough) to spend thousands of dollars to change the look of my face, not knowing what the final results are going to be. And knowing that the results will only be temporary which means throughout the rest of your life you'll have to continue to have more facial surgeries to keep that young (or actually fake) look. Not many people just have one facelift. So once you start be prepared to spend a great deal of money throughout your life on your face. And each time you have a new procedure done you are putting yourself at risks. People have died having cosmetic surgery. And you also risk having a major botched surgery which will leave you with a permanent disfigurement.

There are a few other derma procedures such as 'facial peels' but even those can cause terrible permanent skin damage to your face. So, in our opinions we didn't like any of the surgical options available today to correct or prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles. Not only are these procedures expensive, but they can be dangerous and as far as we are concerned there are way too many risks that we don't feel are worth it. So, the question is are there any safe, natural alternatives to help prevent or rid the appearance of wrinkles and slowing down the aging process of our skin?

How effective are natural anti wrinkle products?

Today there are now many natural 'anti wrinkle' cream solutions also called 'anti-aging' products, which claim they can help slow down the aging process but without potential dangerous side effects. We decided to do our own research on this subject and we found that certain anti wrinkle products seem to indeed help slow down the aging process and also improve the quality of our skin. This was exciting to us because it gave us hope that there are better ways for us to naturally take care of our skin without going through dangerous, expensive surgical procedures which again we believe more often then not leaves the patients face looking 'fake' or even worse then before.

We have come up with our list of the current top natural 'anti wrinkle' products which we believe to be the most effective. We are only recommending the products we believe will be effective for most men and women. All products recommended are 'natural' which we believe do not pose any possible health side effects. We are only recommending the top products that consistently scored very positive results in our research.

Top Anti Aging Products:

#1 Revitol Anti Aging Solutions

Revitol has a great line of products that is fast becoming a favorite way to naturally and safely remove wrinkles and firm the skin for both men and women. Revitol is said to be able to naturally repair a lot of the damages that occur to our skin over the years. The end results leave our skin looking more youthful. The company claims the product can bring back 10 years to your skin, giving you a much more youthful look.

We currently have Revitol as our number one product choice as a natural way to remove wrinkles and tone your skin. Personally I love the product line. I have no problem as male admitting I'm using the products because I quickly noticed what it did for me. Being in my mid 30s I can say that I don't have many wrinkles but since using the products my face looks and feels more youthful and healthier. My skin is definitely much more firm then before using Revitol.

After doing my research on anti wrinkle solutions I quickly learned what I huge industry it is and I realized that someday I would probably not be happy with the look of my skin. I now feel good that I will be delaying the aging process of my skin because of Revitol.

What got me to try Revitol was the many emails we got from people telling us they were thrilled with the results from the products. We had so many positive emails that I personally had to try it and I'm sure glad I did. And it's great knowing that there are safe, natural ways to get rid of wrinkles and slow down the aging process. This can be accomplished without surgery and without spending a lot of money on retail cosmetic products. We believe most cosmetic products you can get at malls and salons will not accomplish what Revitol can do, even though they are much more costly. Most of these products are just 'fillers' and don't actually work to improve the skin over time. And many of these leading retail products actually can hurt the skin over time. We are confident in saying that Revitol can actually improve your skin.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we are very excited about Revitol. If you want more details please check out their products by visiting their site...

#2 Hydroderm

Hydroderm is a collagen-based product that's intended to deliver collagen directly to the skin, without painful injections.

Although I have not personally used Hydroderm, our customer feedback and research has made us believe it's another great solution to get rid of wrinkles and improve the skin naturally. We have had a great deal of positive emails telling us how simple the product is to use and how great and fast the results have been. You simply apply their serum to your problem areas once in the morning and once at night and within as little as one to two weeks you are supposed to see fantastic results.

What we have learned is Hydroderm seems to be another great natural alternative to Botox type injections or surgical procedures.

Your Opinion Counts!

Our ratings are based on several factors including the following: our personal success, customer satisfaction, company reputation, best selling products, highest reorder rate, and of course the most important factor was overall results reported by actual customers.

Our results are compiled mainly from online survey polls and direct feedback by actual customers. We value the opinions of men and women who can give us their honest feedback as to which products worked and which ones did not work. If you have any positive or negative feedback about any of the products we listed, or any other 'anti wrinkle' product, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us here and let us know your results. We would appreciate any information you can give us about your experiences with the products you used. If we gain the confidence in other products in the future we will surely ad them to our list.